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ipad 3 set for release this spring

ipad 3 set for release this spring

the latest MAC news

Apple is still winning top spot in Tech wars. There is buzzing on the site MacRumors about the yet to be released Ipad 3.

The Ipad 3 is to include a screen with a Retina display. On MacRumors, the site compared a magnified Ipad 2 screen beside a magnified screen of Ipad 3.
The Ipad 3 shows an impressive 4 x 4 cross pixels while the Ipad 2 shows a 2 x2 pixel screen.

The Ipad 3 is also thicker than it’s predecessor , to house it‘s quad four processor. The first of its kind for a handheld tablet.

The Ipad 3 could be released as early as spring. So Mac lovers will be lining up and sleeping in queue before long.

In other MAC news , Apple TV The steeming devce that stams music and videos to e our television – is slated to get a refresh this spring. The publication made this assessment after discovering that the current Apple TV had disappeared from Best Buy stores.

I am thinking that this is just a marketing plan, to boost the sales of the Apple Television set that is to be released this spring. The Apple Television will be a 40-60 inch televison with all the inter workings of an Mac book. There will be Face Time, Itunes, Angry birds played out on a big screen. All package for an estimated price of $1500 – $2500 dollars. Sounds great. Apple is alreay winning at Desptops,Laptops,Tablets, smartphones, it’s only right they take a hold on smart TVs too.

RIP Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston RIP

Whitney Houston RIP

Rip Whitney Houston. I was floored when i heard the new of her death. I was leaving a shopping Mall when a cold chill came over me from the cool air hitting my face. Just then my phone rang and it was sister on the other end telling me there was a special news bulletin and the singer Whitney Houston had died.

Whitney worked her way up in the music world. She started out singing in the church choir and later became a back up singer for Chaka Khan in addition to others.

Whitney Houston at her height in the eighties and nineties was a powerhouse vocalist. She gained fame, numerous awards, and accolades under the direction of her mentor Clive Davis.

She is known for such hits as “I will always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All”. And who can forget her staring role in the movie The Body Guard and her mega rendition of Dolly Parton’s song”I Will Aways Love You”

Everybody knows of her turbulent marriage to Bobby Brown and her trouble with drugs But instead of dwelling of all the negative that was a part of her being will leave that to rest because I’m sure her trouble life will be plastered all over the media for everyone to look and judge so I will leave it in her own words.

“From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends. It loves me, and I love it”.

Whitney Houston

“My mother taught me that when you stand in the truth and someone tells a lie about you, don’t fight it.”.

Whitney Houston

“God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there”

Whitney Houston

“I’ve read about myself and my husband and my family, to the point where they’ve called my parents, they’ve called my brothers, offering money to tell stories. They call friends of mine. I’d just like for them to just … don’t badger us. Don’t scrutinize us. We have children and they have to live, too. It’s not fair.”

Whitney Houston

MIA Middle finger malfunction

MIA Middle finger malfunction

53 year old Madonna upstaged by a middle finger from Sri Lankan star MIA. In light of Madonna’s new album MDNA, performing the Super Bowl was set to be a big push of PR letting the world know she is back as and as Pop risque as ever.

Before Super Bowl Sunday Madonna took a cheap shot at Janet Jackson saying there will be no nipple-gates at her show. She proved to be right. However under-staging nipple-gate was MIA creating her own controversy. MIA was invited to perform along beside Madonna and then flipped a bird and middle finger at all of America. The Super Bowl is viewed by more than 100 million people and is the biggest TV event of the year. She flipped the bird while uttering the words “I don’t give a shit”

“We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during halftime,” NBC spokesman Christopher McCloskey said. “It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late.”

Seconds after the middle finger of MIA the screen blurred. NBC was attempted to catch the inappropriateness that many viewers did not see in the first place.

All in all MIA’s stunt worked, after the Super Bowl many flocked to You Tube and Wikipedia to see who the heck she is.

I plan on complaining to the Broadcasting Network and sue for emotional damages.

Pentax K-01 first look

pentax k01This is a first look for specs on the new Pentax K-01.
Said to release March 2012 and price in the seven hundred dollar range.
At first look the K-01’s design is similar to the retro models of current. There is no view finder on this mirror-less camera , not sure how well that will go with camera enthusiast. Nevertheless this is one sexy camera designed by Marc Newson.

What could set it apart from the pack is the edition of the new 40mm f/2.8 Slim Pancake lens. It also appears the new K-01 has a HDR mode that allows it to take photo at a single exposure with limited contrast. And dedicated Red and Green buttons.

This mirror-less retro designed camera with come in an array of colors and will be compatible with many Pentax lens on the market. This caPentax compact K-01 first lookmera is all the buzz. Check the specs below:

Lens Mount: PENTAX KAF Mount
Focal Length: 40mm (Equivalent to 61mm in 35mm format)
Aperture: F2.8
Minimum Aperture: F22
Lens Construction: 5 elements in 4 groups
Angle of View: 39° (with PENTAX D-SLR camera body)
Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.4m
Maximum Magnification: 0.13x
Number of Diaphragm Blades: 9
Filter Diameter: 27mm
Maximum Diameter & Minimum Length: 62.9mm x 9.2mm
Weight: 52g

Kinect Laptops

Kinect Laptop


Windows 8 and other platforms are set to bring kinect software into the world of computers. Controlling your desktop icons and applications with a simple hand gesture will become the next big Technological thing.

The Kinect software has been thrilling the masses in the gaming world. Over 15 households worldwide have the Xbox kinect in their homes. Bringing the software to the Computer realm  could expand the possibilities into the Computer gaming world.

Then again, how silly would one look sitting with a 15 inch or even a 17 inch laptop on their knees waving their arms and hands at the screen.

With kinect gaming you have to be a good distance away from the censer before the Kinect works effectively.

Who would be the target market for the Kinect Laptop, aside from the gamers? And will this also include an onscreen keyboard?

This all remains to be seen until next month when Microsoft releases the new Kinect Asus laptop.