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The latest in MAC news

ipad 3 set for release this spring

ipad 3 set for release this spring

the latest MAC news

Apple is still winning top spot in Tech wars. There is buzzing on the site MacRumors about the yet to be released Ipad 3.

The Ipad 3 is to include a screen with a Retina display. On MacRumors, the site compared a magnified Ipad 2 screen beside a magnified screen of Ipad 3.
The Ipad 3 shows an impressive 4 x 4 cross pixels while the Ipad 2 shows a 2 x2 pixel screen.

The Ipad 3 is also thicker than it’s predecessor , to house it‘s quad four processor. The first of its kind for a handheld tablet.

The Ipad 3 could be released as early as spring. So Mac lovers will be lining up and sleeping in queue before long.

In other MAC news , Apple TV The steeming devce that stams music and videos to e our television – is slated to get a refresh this spring. The publication made this assessment after discovering that the current Apple TV had disappeared from Best Buy stores.

I am thinking that this is just a marketing plan, to boost the sales of the Apple Television set that is to be released this spring. The Apple Television will be a 40-60 inch televison with all the inter workings of an Mac book. There will be Face Time, Itunes, Angry birds played out on a big screen. All package for an estimated price of $1500 – $2500 dollars. Sounds great. Apple is alreay winning at Desptops,Laptops,Tablets, smartphones, it’s only right they take a hold on smart TVs too.