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Kinect Laptops

Kinect Laptop


Windows 8 and other platforms are set to bring kinect software into the world of computers. Controlling your desktop icons and applications with a simple hand gesture will become the next big Technological thing.

The Kinect software has been thrilling the masses in the gaming world. Over 15 households worldwide have the Xbox kinect in their homes. Bringing the software to the Computer realm  could expand the possibilities into the Computer gaming world.

Then again, how silly would one look sitting with a 15 inch or even a 17 inch laptop on their knees waving their arms and hands at the screen.

With kinect gaming you have to be a good distance away from the censer before the Kinect works effectively.

Who would be the target market for the Kinect Laptop, aside from the gamers? And will this also include an onscreen keyboard?

This all remains to be seen until next month when Microsoft releases the new Kinect Asus laptop.